40 Bee Street Flats

Take a tour from home!

360° Tours



360° Tours are currently available for Standard Package and Package A apartment styles.  Use these models to view each type of apartment, navigate the rooms, and take an in-depth look around... all from the comfort of your couch!  Each apartment has two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and all apartments have the same square footage.  Please note that some minor features may vary between apartments as items are tweaked along the way.

How it works:


  • Select an apartment style in the bottom left

  • Rotate any apartment by clicking and dragging

  • Click on a room to view a 360° image, using the same drag function to rotate in a room

  • Once you are viewing a room, you can click the arrows in the image to progress to the next room.  Extra arrows may appear as you progress!

  • There is a different tour for each apartment style, so don't forget to hit the Home button after your first tour to back out and start the next!