40 Bee Street Flats

Proxy / Attendance Form

If you are unable to attend the 2020 Annual Meeting of the University Place Horizontal Property Regime on September 26, 2020, please submit the below proxy form as soon as possible.  Please see the copy you received via email or certified mail for instructions on how to return via mail or email, should you not wish to submit via this online form.  Proxy votes are vital for having a quorum to make Regime decisions.


REMINDER:  Due to Covid-19, any homeowner who wishes to attend the Annual Meeting must return a proxy form (via mail, email, or online) stating that he/she will be in attendance.  Responses are due NO LATER than Monday, September 14, 2020.  This information will be used to determine the necessary safety measures that need to be taken, including the location of the meeting.  Please refer to the 2020 Annual Meeting packet you received via email or certified mail for details on new policies regarding attendance at the meeting.


This is to certify that I/we do appoint the following name or, in his/her absence, the President of the Homeowners Association as my/our proxy vote at the annual meeting and any adjournments thereof and all rights thereto.  It is understood that if I/we are in attendance, that this proxy shall be considered null and void.

2020 Annual Meeting